Peter James Development provides strategic and innovative solutions so businesses and individuals can achieve their goals. We do this by working closely with our clients to find out exactly what it is they want and what they need to then provide a strategy that will get the desired results.

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Business Development

Peter James Development provides strategies to allow businesses to develop. In doing so a business is able to maximise their life cycle, improve efficiency in processes and procedures, expand, develop or redevelop a brand and most importantly, achieve their goals. We make it easier for our clients to turn their goals into reality with a feasible plan that our clients can execute or if they prefer, we can also execute the strategy. When we work on your branding, we utilize our marketing resources to ensure the marketing plan is in line with the strategy of the business. Peter James Development will also ensure any online presence is assisting in achieving the business strategy.

Online Development

If a business is not online, they are missing opportunities. If a business is online, and not reflecting a business with purpose or not maintaining their presence, they may as well not be online. Peter James Development can provide a full online development strategy to ensure your business is online and staying online. Whether we train your staff in online content generation or we maintain it for you, your online solution provided by us will generate results. We offer services in website development, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media development and maintenance. With popular social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, it can be overwhelming for a business to maintain these especially if you do not have a dedicated team that can overlook these areas. Peter James Development can make sure your social media presence is worth ‘following’ and reflecting the business brand positively. We are also very clever and can make your specific hashtags go viral which is amazing at providing awareness on new products, services or upcoming events!

App Development

Ever had an APP idea but did not know what to do with it? Peter James Development can turn your ideas into a reality. Do not be mistaken, we are not just another business who can develop an APP. We will make sure we create the right APP for you – whether a native APP or a web APP, we can do it. We will also ensure the APP is something that is actually needed as often businesses and individuals would like an APP developed when there was a simpler solution we could have provided or there was no market for the APP. Make sure you or your business talks to our team before you insist on creating an APP and we will ensure the best solution is provided.

Product Development

At Peter James Development we love the idea of new products and we most certainly can create working prototypes. However, what is the purpose of the product and why develop one? Our team will conduct thorough research into an industry with a strategic and innovative plan to ensure the product has the best possible chance of succeeding. From here we will assess the viability of the product to save you the headache of doing the research and will act on your decision. We can also create products for businesses as a solution to drive customers to your business. This is done by looking into your business and assessing how or what kind of product can get these results. Our solutions, well they are definitely outside of the box thinking, can they can definitely work in your favour.

Professional and Student Development

Ongoing professional development is vital in the workforce. It is important to ensure your skills are always at a high level and we can offer programs tailor made to suit your needs to ensure you are at the top of your game. We offer tailor made Microsoft Office training packages to ensure you and your employees are getting the right kind of training,

Students sometimes require guidance and there is no better person to go to than a mentor. We help students find mentors in their fields who can help guide them to achieve the best they possibly can.

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